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WHEN :  AUGUST 24 – 25, 2024. SAT – SUN : 8:30 – 6:00


CE HOURS: 16 . LIVE. NCBTMB approved. Provider # 279778-00 / FLORIDA approved. Provider # 50-1674

COST: $ 310..00 / $ 50.00 deposit locks down your place. Group discounts for three or more of $ 30.00 each.

This workshop focuses on three interrelated phases and stages:

  1. Active cancer phase
  2. Post Treatment phase
  3. Surviving phase and remission stage

INTRODUCTION : Cancer in its many variations ( over 200 types have been identified ) and treatments affects all clients in a holistic manner. Body-Mind and Spirit are inextricably woven together and no one part should be preferred or ignored. Cancer is systemic and long-term . There is no single cause of cancer like a virus , microbe or bacteria . Cancer is slow-acting and insidious. Therefore the instructor has chosen three ancient, time-proven and modern bodywork modalities that work synergistically to create a healing environment in the client.  Also  none of these modalities are invasive or confrontational.

PROTOCOL: According to T.C.M. ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) when the Qi/Chi /Ki is blocked, stagnant there is dis-ease. The goal is to create a balanced and free flow of Qi/Chi/Ki. The quickest way to access the Qi is through these four modalities below.

In addition you will be taught the appropriate level of Touch/Pressure. Contraindications and precautions . The appropriate positioning of the client . This goes for all three stages above. We will also discuss the three main therapies and their side-effects: Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery.

Meditation: Qi Gong techniques are taught that are easy to ground and balance both the therapist and patient.

Acupressure: The student is taught the a. nature of acupressure b. how to identify acupressure points c. how to apply acupressure directly d. a full protocol for the cancer patient

Reflexology : The student is taught a. the nature of reflexology b. how to identify the zones on the feet and hands c. how to perform reflexology in a safe manner d. a full protocol for the cancer patient

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: The student is taught a. the nature of manual lymphatic drainage  b. the technique/s for performing a treatment c. precautions when applying lymphatic drainage.

The use of Gua Sha tools: The student is taught the different applications and use of these ancient tools for scar tissue release ,stagnated Qi and Blood flow , Trigger Points and more. Also, Gua Sha tools can be used for manual lymphatic drainage  massage

Evaluation : Charts and questionaires are used to set goals and evaluate the short-term and long-term effects of each treatment .

NOTE: Even if you have never treated clients with Cancer this workshop will still be useful because it focuses on the IMMUNE SYSTEM and any imbalances in health caused by MYOFASCIAL PAIN and EMOTIONAL stress. This workshop will be great for POST-COVID survivors and should be seen as preventive as well.

What to bring: , linen for both days. Dress Code: Sports Bra, Sports Halter top or bathing suit top, pants you can pull over the knees or shorts.

Instructor Wolfgang will bring Gua Sha tools and special immune boosting essential oil blended bottles for use and sale. No Pressure.

For registration: Register with Wolfgang Luckmann OR the school : : Address : 2021 Wildcat Cliffs Ln., Lawrenceville, Ga. 30043. Quick Question? 904 610 9489.

Did you know ? Wolfgang has been inducted since 2015 into  The Massage Therapy Hall of Fame sponsored by the World Massage Therapy Festival .

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