How to do self – acupressure at home.

by Wolfgang Luckmann | Apr 9, 2020 | Massage Techniques | 0 comments

How to do self – acupressure at home. Self care is really important now and you want to take advantage of the two major benefits that T.C.M. has over Western medicine
1. Getting to the source of the problem by activating your blocked and deficient Qi/Ki and
2. Prevention of dis-eases happening in the first place or getting worse.

Use light pumping with a finger or thumb for about a minute. You might feel a tingling and or numbness. That is good. Usually some sensitivity is felt and that indicates a deficinency or blockage of the organ or meridian. DON”T mash away

Remember also in China they are already having positive results with a combination of T.C.M. and Western medicine.

Diagram 1: a. Stomach 36 – bilateral – four finger widths below the knee and Tibial tuberosity. Perhaps the major immune – boosting point. This point has about 30 indications and moves the blood and Qi. Usually a sensation will travel down the leg when activating this point

Photo 1 :b. Large Intestine 4 , bilateral , ; The Hoku point ( Japanese ) for all kinds of stress and pain . hard up against the second metacarpal midway between the cleft of the thumb and index finger and the knuckle of the index finger. Rotate first counterclockwise slowly and gently until grounding effect ensues and and then rotate clockwise for energy and focus

Photo 2 : c. Liver 3, bilateral, called Great Surge. If you are in pain or frustrated and /or angry, PMS …you need to gently sedate that point for calming. Rotate counterclockwise.

Start on the most sensitive side first and travel around to the other side. Focus your gaze on a calm scene/ picture while doing this or just close your eyes and visulaise each touch to a point being like a drop of water on the mirror – like surface of a pond . imagine those ripples of energy going out. Do this acupressure twice a day.
I wish you much good, strong Q

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